Orienteering - technology

Barku orienteering collection features several options to suit as many runners as possible. We have the top of the line carbon technology, traditional orienteering shoes with or without metal studs as well as a wide feet option.

Carbon Plate

Our top range product Luna is the first ever orienteering shoe with integrated carbon plate in the sole. Across the world of running, new world records are set using this technology. We expect to see positive effects mainly when the terrain is a bit smoother and harder.

The carbon plate in the orienteering shoe is not only providing extra speed and energy return, it also increase the protection of your feet. The running feel in terrain is different from a traditional sole, where you get more bounce with a carbon plate.

Outsole x Options

Barku offers two diffrent outsoles, one with integrated carbide steel studs and one with butyl rubber mix. To know which is used on which shoe, the STD (studded)/RBR (rubber) in the product name indicates what type the shoe has.

Stress Reliefing Heel

The heel counter has an "U-shape" which creates stability in sideways but still reliefes the heel from hard pressure. To secure the fit in the shoe, there is an extra padding section at the back.

Durable Materials

The super fabric ® used all around the uppers secures a long lasting shoe for all the challenges you will face in the forest. All orienteering shoes also have a protective mudguard around the splitline between upper and sole with extra reinforcement on the toebox.

The Super Fabric ® is a material developed for the U.S. military, featuring ceramic reinforcement on the outer layer. It is a material with a good track record in terms of durability.

Whether a shoe lasts forever or a season depends greatly on the individual runner. However, the foundation of the shoe and its construction are designed with long-term durability in mind.

Arch Support

The arch is supported by additional reinforcement connected with the lacing points. This will secure the fit and give the extra stability needed in the forest.


The ideal fit for orienteering is to have a shoe that stays tight to your feet and is secure during your run. But all feet are different, so we provide two different fit to our orienteering collection.

Luna and Mira are based on a narrow last, while the Raven is based on a wide with more space for the foot all around.

The measurements are based on industry standard.


Measure your foot, from the back of your heel to the tip of your toes, when standing up straight. Match the measurement of your foot with the size chart to select size.