Barku - between core and elements

We have created a shoe brand with strong association to nature and Nordic, Scandinavian tradition. The idea of a BARKU shoe is to protect and take care of the sensitive feet of yours, so that you can enjoy wherever you go and whatever you do, right here, right now. BARKU will solve the challenge and give you amplified, positive experiences.

Our origin is in the nature of Scandinavia.
BARKU should move in nature. We who have made BARKU are natural people -
we are outdoors men. We know the whims of the forest and mountains. We can
also make a fire - when it rains and snows, in the forest and on the mountain. We
know what joys in life nature can provide, how vulnerable it is. Just therefore we
must take care of it.

Nordic tradition
It is important for us to represent and be associated with a Nordic value set.
We value democracy and each individual co-determination over one’s own life.
Equality and freedom to love whoever you want has solid roots. We have strong
roots in enjoying the simple life and living it close to nature. That is why we want
to take care of nature. Our leaders want not to rule over others in the world but
seek to live in harmony and peace. We will protect our values and stand up for
what we believe in.

BARKU will protect you from weather and wind, different surfaces with different
friction and be just so solid, steady and light that it can give you maximum pleasure. You must be able to concentrate on the experience: the joy, the competition, the training, the technique, or the performance.