Technical specification

The "barku D1" is packed with tons of cool features which will amplify your days on the disc golf course!

Dual density midsole

The unique construction with a boosted stability in the heel, yet giving comfort, the midsole is supporting the motion through the full length of the throw.

Tripple reinforced toe box

Over the most sensetive part of the toe box, the D1 have a tripple reinforcement to prevent wear and make the shoes last long. The raised and extra reinforced midsole EVA also helps to protect the toes.

Ceramic reinforced upper

The super fabric ® used in the forefoot of the shoe secures a long lasting upper for all the challanges faced on different courses and climate.

Hexagonal cleats

To provide the perfect grip, the sole has 4 mm high hexagonal cleats. They are positioned in a clever pattern giving excelent grip, yet enabling the rotational motions occuring during the stance.

Chamfer edged sole

To support the natural moving motion during the throw, the edges of the sole are chamfered.

Arch reinforcement

The arch is supported by additional reinforcement connected with the lacing points. This will secure the fit and give the stability needed during a throw.

Achilles friendly heel counter

The heel counter has an "U-shape" which creates stability in sideways but still reliefes the heel from hard pressure.


Measure your foot, from the back of your heel to the tip of your toes, when standing up straight. Match the measurement of your foot with the size chart to select size.